How to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers in 4 Simple Steps (2023).

How to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers in 4 Simple Steps (2023).
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Wouldn´t it be great if YouTube just told us what it wanted sometimes? In this article you will learn everything you need to know in order to grow your audience on YouTube, starting from scratch.

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Before you post your first video on YouTube, read this.

🧩 Getting started

Once you´ve made the decision to take YouTube seriously, you´d probably want a keyword research tool to help your channel grow. There are plenty of options out there, but the one I personally use is called Morningfame. I even got you a 30 day free trial if you want to try it out for yourself.

  • What is it? An online tool that will help you find keywords that your channel is likely to rank for.
  • What does it cost? Today you can get channel analytics and limited use of their keyword tool for as little as 4,99$ a month.
  • How can I get it? I´ve gotten you 30 days free of use. Keep reading!

The tool allows you to see what the competition is like and lets you adjust your keywords to make sure your video ranks high. The tool also makes it way easier to know which keywords you should use in order to rank high for specific topics.

Now, in order to actually get access to Morningfame you need an invite from someone. Lucky for you, I have an invitation link below you can click in order to get 30 days completely for free. Go ahead and click the box below to get your free month now, and you´ll be leagues ahead of the competition already.

Simplifying YouTube Growth

Once you´ve claimed your free month, it´s time to get down to business.
At this point you should head over to their Keyword Research tool and get started on your journey.

Step 1: 📚 Choose a video topic

Starting out, we need to let the Keyword Research tool know what we want to make a video about. Sports? Cars? Gaming? It´s up to you, but it will help the little robots find excellent keywords for your video. For this example we´ll type in "Top action scenes", then press the yellow button to the right.

Step 2: 🎯 Choose a Target Search Term

Take a look at all of these results! At the very top we can see our initial topic. Notice how we´re given three F´s and one B. What does that mean? In Step 3 I´ll explain everything, but for now take a look at the two sections we have on the left and right sides of our screen.

To the left, under Common Keywords we can see a bunch of keywords that we can use for our video. However, these are only viable if your channel is already sizable, (at least 5k subs).

If we instead look to the right, at Uncommon Keywords, we can find keywords that are way better to use if our channel is smaller. Let´s try and click one to see what happens.

By clicking the keyword "Best action scenes" as shown in the image above, we can see that our ranking didn´t improve at all. In fact, if we look at the little X below the scores, we can tell that this just isn´t a very popular search term on YouTube. Let´s try another one.

"Top movie scenes" has an even worse score, but look at the search volume. A level 86 search volume is more than good enough, so don´t worry about the scores for now, we will fix those in Step 3. Press the "Choose for Step #3" button and read on.

Step 3: 💎 Refine Your Keywords.

Now we´ll be presented with some more numbers, but fear not. Your results might look something like the image below.

As we can see there´s still some work to be done, so in this step it is time to refine our keywords. Let us define our video further by making some changes . For this example I´ll change my keywords to "kung fu scenes from 2022".

Our scores changed, great! But look at the X beside our keywords. That means, just like before, that the search term isn´t found in any search bar suggestions on YouTube. Dangit.

Well, we´re not toast yet. Let us refine our keywords further and see how we can rank high while still getting found in search bar suggestions.

Bingo! By changing our search terms just a little, we can now move forth with our new keywords "top kung fu movies 2022". Remember, our initial topic was "Top action scenes". We are a long way from that with these keywords, so we might need to get creative in order to incorporate these keywords into our video.

If we scroll a bit further down, you will see something like the image below, a list of videos where one is marked with a yellow box saying "Gateway video".

The Gateway Video is the video that we need to beat in order to rank well with our keywords. has hand-picked this one because it has a low amount of subscribers, but a high amount of views. We are all good here, so let us continue to Step 4.

Step 4: 🔎 Optimizing Your Metadata

It is time for our final step. Here we can tweak our video title, description and tags.

As we add or subtract words from the title, the diagram to the left will either grow or sink depending on how good the title is. In the description we should focus on including the words from the title, and in the tags section we can add more tags. The tool will let us know if the tags are relevant or not, so we can choose the best ones.

Lastly, if you have a custom thumbnail ready, you can compare it to other videos that will be shown in the same results page on YouTube. This really helps for creating a thumbnail that will stand out and get clicked on.

Finally we can click save so we don´t lose our progress. You can copy all of your description information, keywords and your title by clicking "Copy to clipboard", then just paste them right into YouTube.

Once the video is uploaded Morningfame will keep track of it and let you know how it performs. You will get deep insight into how your video is doing and if it is helping your channel grow or not.

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