The 7 Best Tutorials For Learning Blender in 2023.

The 7 Best Tutorials For Learning Blender in 2023.
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Last year I started learning Blender, and I quickly realized the learning curve was really steep. So in this article I've gathered what I consider to be the 7 best YouTube-tutorials for newcomers to the awesome 3D-software that is Blender.

Brad Colbow

In his video on "Things I wish I knew before I started learning Blender 3D", Brad goes over what he skipped when he started learning Blender, so that you don't have to. He also suggests other tutorials in his video, which you should definetely check out if you want to deep into different aspects of Blender.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Learning Blender 3D
Check out Loom!’ve been learning Blender, a free 3D modeling and animation application. It one of the hardest programs I’ve ever...

JeanYan Online

In his tutorial on how to find, rig, and animate a car in Blender, you'll get a basic introduction to how the process of animation works. Some of you might find it daunting to take on animation already, but in my experience, having watched the tutorial and actually tried following along has been is useful, even if I can't do everything the guy in the video can.

Blender Beginner animation tutorial : Get free cars and animate them
Hello Guys, here is my new car animation tutorial for beginners. You will learn how to download beautiful cars for free, how to rig them and how to create yo...


You might have seen those open 3D rooms that look kind of adorable. This is the tutorial where you learn to make one of those. You get to learn how to make a bed, cupboard, walls, floor and a whole lot more, in just 15 minutes. Now, it's obviously going to take you longer than that, but after some practice you should be able to do the same.

Blender 3D - Create a 3D Isometric BEDROOM in 15 minutes | Beginner Tutorial
Early bird discount available on my new modeling course: Blender 3D Stylized RoomsGumroad link: Market...


There are plenty of incredible tutorials on this channel, but the one I want you to start out with is "Tipping over stacks of cubes in Blender". This will teach you about rigid body animations, which is super useful to know. Also, tipping over and destroying boxes is pretty darn satisfying, if you ask me.

Tutorial: Tipping Over Stacks of Cubes in Blender
In this love letter of a tutorial, we’ll explore Blender’s built in Rigid Body Simulation tools! Learn how to set up a basic scene that can be a refreshing a...

CG Boost

In CG Boost's tutorial on autofocus they also touch on important fundamentals in Blender, such as 3-point-lighting setup and walk navigation. Zach Reinhardt, who will be guiding you through the video has plenty of other tutorials on his channel, linked below.

Autofocus in Blender (EASY Tutorial)
Learn to set up an autofocus camera and a lighting setup that automatically adjusts to the position of the camera, for extra 3D viewport fun.⇨ Master 3D Scul...

Ian Hubert

This guy is pretty much a legend within the Blender community. Ian is especially known for his "lazy tutorials" which are 1 minute videos with fast paced explaining how to do Blender stuff. You might have to slow down the videos or pause a lot, but learning his way of approaching the software can really inspire you to take on projects you didn't know you could.

Making Fliers in Blender - Lazy Tutorials Tutorials for Lazy People, #1I’ve been meaning to make this for years, but I’ve been too lazy. Download Blender here: w...

Blender Guru

No Blender tutorial list is complete without the man himself, Blender Guru. Endorsed by the creators of Blender, he has recently updated his famous "How to create a donut in Blender" tutorial, which millions of newcomers have embraced as their first project. If you start out here, as many others have, make sure to send me a render of your donut when you're done!

Blender 3.0 Beginner Tutorial - Part 1
Blender tutorial series showing you how to use the most common features, like modelling, lighting, materials, geometry nodes and rendering - whilst making a ...

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